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Christmas Stories

Heartwarming Classics of Angels, A Manger and the Birth of Hope

by Max Lucado


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Published:August 2011
Lucado pens in such a distinctive fashion. Here comes a compilation of Christmas stories by the prolific Max Lucado celebrating the joy and wonder of the Christmas season. Some of these titles have been previously published, but are well worth a re-read. They are sweet, indeed at times very sweet!
Max Lucado does write powerfully and with inspiration. It's no literary classic and yet it is engaging and emotionally a tear-jerker! Jacob's Gift was my personal favourite of the novellas amidst this brief tour. Pithy and of value, but alas it might have been so much more.

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (19/11/11)

Reader review: - Mary Bartholomew - Editor Dec 2011

This is a compilation of Christmas stories by Max Lucado, sharing his thoughts about the Christmas season. Most of these have been previously published, but are well worth a re-read. Their sources are listed at the back of the book.
The opening story The Christmas Candle which seems to have been written especially for this book, caught my attention immediately and as I read on, a collection of shorter stories kept me reading to the end. Some charming, some about the Angel Gabriel imaginative, all worth reading. Light enough for an entertaining read, but plenty to think about if you care to ponder.

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