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Killing Lions

A Guide Through The Trials Young Men Face

by John & Sam Eldredge


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Published:September 2014

This is a paternal conversation, captured in the answering of questions and principles about love, money, work, God, and life. There is the raw acknowledgement that there's not instant formation in life, just by osmosis. Life is not neat or easy.

Killing Lions is an exploration, by father and son, of the questions young men face coming into manhood-questions that continue to haunt many otherwise, if not addressed. The concept is that there are a few lions to kill before he will know he has become a man and that God can entrust him with dreams coming true. John Eldredge engages with his son, Sam, for a give-and-take examination of what it takes to become a man, using "the journey is the destination, warrior and conqueror" language. There is insight, content, prayerfulness and adventure throughout this short book.

The areas of the book that covered self-control and doubt were strongest, with the collision of worlds and the winning character of God in us, at the heart of it all. Its got a fatherly weave and tone in the wisdom, substance and detail of what's offered. Its wide ranging and insightful with lots of the content in this rites of passage style work. However, it is a book clearly written by Americans, to those living in a north-American context, and whether that will fully translate to the european experience is a question that remains to be seen.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (10/07/15)
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