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Heroes of Our Faith

Inspiration for Daily Faith and Living

by Patrick Sookhdeo


Price: £21.99
Publisher:Isaac Publishing, from Barnabas Fund UK
Published:April 2012
This is a collection of 366 short daily devotionals – each describing a martyrdom, prefaced by a scripture and accompanied by a prayer or quotation. When we read the word ‘hero’ we imagine someone who has performed mighty deeds, but the heroism of most of the people commemorated in this book is of a quieter kind, the heroism of standing firm in the face of an often horrific death. Names, places and dates are indexed and Patrick Sookhdeo has written a thoughtful foreword exploring what martyrdom means and how Christian attitudes to it have changed down the centuries. One story tells of a Korean pastor and his family placed in a hole dug by the communists and offered freedom in return for denouncing the gospel. Instead, the mother told the children that they would be dining with “the King of kings, the Lord of lords” that night and led them in singing a hymn while the hole was slowly filled in. Many of the witnesses became Christians. These 366 instances serve to represent the many hundreds of thousands around the world that have died and continue to die because they belong to Jesus, and whose stories remain unknown and go untold.

Reviewer: Diane Morrison   (24/08/12)
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