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Tainted Legacy

Islam, Colonialism and Slavery in Northern Nigeria

by Yusufu Turaki


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Isaac Publishing, from Barnabas Fund UK
Published:October 2010
Attacks in the past few years by Muslims on Christians in Nigeria have left thousands of Christians dead. Most attacks have occurred in the Middle Belt and the North. Some Islamists are calling for the establishment of a full Islamic State under shari‘a law. Yusufu Turaki sets out clearly and with factual evidence the effects of Islam from its first Nigerian converts in the eighteenth century to the present day. Islam is not only a religion but a way of life in which religion, politics and society cannot be separated. As a way of life Islam shapes the policies and structures of government in Muslim countries. The book helpfully sets out the way in which British colonial power confirmed Muslim superiority over Christians and native Africans, and its general antipathy towards Christian missions, a legacy which has ensured continuing violence and hostility between Muslims and Christians. Although about the Nigerian experience this is a timely study showing the true nature of Islam in historic and contemporary society. It traces the origins of the present crisis to the historical impact of Islam on Northern Nigerian society and teaches important lessons for all Western Societies impacted by Islam today.

Available from Isaac Publishing for £9.99 plus £2 postage and packing

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Reviewer: Graham Wise   (17/12/10)

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