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A Commentary On Romans

by David pawson


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Anchor Recordings
Published:September 2013

Paul’s letter to the church in Rome is one of the most important books in the Bible. In it, Paul explains and expounds the Gospel as it really is. If we want to understand how sinful human beings can get right with God then we must understand the argument Paul uses in Romans. This excellent book helps you do just that.

Mr. Pawson unpacks what Paul says using clear language and helpful illustrations. The author does not shy away from the plain meaning of the text and allows God’s word to be God’s word and speak for itself. The style of the book is less like a commentary and more like a sermon—so do not expect every verse to be explained. This is occasionally frustrating, most notably when he does not explain what “All Israel” means. Instead he refers the reader to another of his books!

Unsurprisingly I did not agree with all his interpretation especially on chapters 7 and 11. I would recommend that the serious Bible student read other commentaries before reaching a conclusion on such matters. Overall, however, this is an edifying and helpful exposition that is well worth reading.    

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (21/04/14)
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