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The Maker's Instructions

A New Look At The 10 Commandments

by David Pawson


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Anchor Recordings
Published:July 2013


As a child I was brought up on the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, and in some ways I miss the exhortations and the instructions to prepare ourselves before receiving Holy Communion. In many churches the walls are adorned with aids, most usually the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments. We are perhaps over familiar with the former, and 'under-familiar' with the latter, which many recite only in Lent or Advent.

Even then, we can tend to gloss over them or regard them as something Moses received to instruct the Israelites, rather than having utter relevance to our lives. David Pawson redresses the balance, and in the words of J.B. Phillips urges us to 'find out how crooked we are by measuring ourselves by the straight edge of God's law'.

The plainly written introduction entices you to read on.

Common reasons are stated as to why people think the 10 commandments are no longer worth studying, and then reasons why the author believes they are. He then devotes a chapter to each commandment, showing how it refers to the 'you' singular, rather than the 'you plural'.

He digs deeply into his profound theological expertise to widen the way you can interpret the commandments. For instance, we can commit murder in more ways than by killing someone. We can murder someone by our thoughts and by our careless or spiteful words. 

Readers may not concur with all the author's standpoints, but this should not deter them from the insights they will gain from this extremely well presented and readable book. It would make an excellent resource book for Lent.

Expect to enjoy this book. Expect to be challenged. Expect to be changed.

I will forever look at the 10 commandments in a new and illuminating light.


Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (08/04/14)
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