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A Commentary on the Gospel of John

by David Pawson


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Anchor Recordings
Published:April 2012
This book will help the average Christian to understand at a much deeper level the wonderful gospel of John. Writing from an evangelical position Mr Pawson seeks to open up the word of God to us. In general his interpretation is sound although inevitably not everyone will agree with all his conclusions.

This book is not a verse by verse commentary but rather sermonic in structure. Therefore do not expect to find an explanation of every text. For instance John 3:16 is passed over completely. On the other side there is a great deal of background information that helps us to understand what we are reading.

The sermonic structure is clear in every chapter. Each starts with an introduction and is followed by 3 or 4 points. Each chapter usually has just one main theme. Mr Pawson's writing is easy to read and the book is full of illustrations and applications.

One added bonus is a fascinating introduction in which he compares and contrasts John to the other three gospels.

This book could be used with profit during your daily devotions. Preachers will also find many suggestions for sermon outlines.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (21/01/13)
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