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Oinky Oinky And Ways To Be Wise

by Diana Neil illust. Steve English


Price: £4.50
Published:January 2014


Oinky Oinky is a brilliantly fun and enjoyable short rhyming story book, with the fun rhyming story poems all being based around a New Testament parable (scripture references are included for each rhyme). The one the book is named after is from the parable of the lost son—Oinky Oinky being the name of the first of the piggies the lost son works with. However you also find story rhymes about lost sheep, pearls of great price, lost coins, mustard seeds, two houses, good samaritans, and friends knocking at midnight—along with all sorts of side characters getting up to shenanigans and lending a hand in the stories.

With colourful simple illustrations throughout this really is a great book for either reading aloud with a group or class, or even for fun reading at bedtime.

A nice, well priced, addition to a children's resource library.


Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (26/03/14)
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