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Ian Fraser

Iíve Seen Worse

Shared with Ian Cranston


Price: £10.00(plus P&P)
Published:January 2012
Plus £4.00 P+P
Purchase from Ian Cranston, 10 Aitchison Drive, Larbert, FK5 4PB Tel 01324 551759 or cheques payable to Ian Cranston

When I agreed to review this book by Ian Cranston about his dear friend Ian Fraser, I had no idea what a fascinating read it was going to be!
A heavy book more suited to reading in a chair than in bed, printed on glossy paper that is a pleasure to handle and which enhances the reading experience.
Ian Cranston has pieced together the reminiscences of Ian Fraser, interspersed with anecdotes from others, and written records of the various places Ian Fraser has served.
What an amazing life Ian Fraser has lead. He is 91 at the time this book is written. By the time I reached the end I was grateful to find Appendix D, ĎA summary of the educational background, career and publications of Ian M. Fraser M.A., B.D., PhD. (Edinburgh University), Ordained minister of the Church of Scotland.í There is so much detail here and yet the way Ian Cranston has put it all together keeps you reading every page. Ian Fraserís love for his wife Margaret and the value of her help and support throughout his career is very evident. He spent time as a Pastor in a factory in Fife: was Parish minister in Rosyth: Warden of Scottish Churches House, Dunblane: Executive Secretary of WCC: Dean of Selly Oak Colleges Ė and that is only part of the story.
If you donít know Ian Fraser, by the end of this book you will feel as if you do. A feeling of affection and deep respect.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (16/06/12)
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