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The Fight

The Battle Over a Man’s Past and a Boy’s Future

by Luke Wordley


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Downton Press from CLC Wholesale
For each copy purchased, a copy is being given to prison and youth ministry in the UK
This is an all too familiar story of young boy, struggling to deal with the hand dealt to him by circumstances of life. Thrown from middle class comfort onto a tough housing estate, we are introduced to Sam's day to day life at full pace as he is embroiled with the challenges of survival at school and on his estate. However, the book's real challenge to the reader is not can we empathise with the issues facing a boy as he grows into manhood, but the added aspect of his trainer and mentor, Jerry. As Jerry sees another 'stray' that God can use him to bless, he also battles with his own temptations and weaknesses. The book is written in such a constant cinematic way, that it is easy to get lost in the visualisation of each passage and feel like we are being walked through a real life story.

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Reviewer: Barry Mason   (28/05/12)

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