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Outcast Nation – Israel The Jews.....and You

The Complete Story from Abraham to Armageddon

by Steve Maltz


Price: £10.00
Publisher:Saffron Planet
Published:January 2012
A sentence on the back of the book expresses my feelings exactly, ‘Steve Maltz’s writing style ensures a lively, entertaining read, but is not a comfortable book. Prepare to be deeply challenged.
Pre-conceived ideas of Israel’s statehood and the position of the Jews as a nation in God’s eyes will be swept away and the position of individual Jews clarified.
The author takes us through the Old Testament account of God’s everlasting covenant with Abraham and on though the years that followed. Sometimes frequent Bible quotations can break up the continuity of what the writer is trying to say, but here they are so much part of the narrative that you are compelled to read every word with fresh eyes however familiar the words are.
The book is divided into three ‘Acts’, Covenant, Exile and Return, though strangely they are not named as such on the Contents page. The ‘Unavoidable Questions’ in the final chapter are particularly challenging, and need to be answered honestly, however uncomfortable they may make you.
Highly recommended for reading by as many people as possible, of all beliefs and none.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (06/03/12)

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