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Glimpses of God

A Course in Five Sessions

by Course booklet written by Canon David Winter


Price: £3.90
Publisher:York Courses
Published:Autumn 2012
Also available an audio tape £8.99, CD £10.99, transcript of the words spoken on the CD/tape £4.99 and a ‘taster pack’ with CD for £17.65. Post and Packing free in UK and subsidised overseas, and reduction in prices for quantities – see website. If you are a fan of York Courses you will be familiar with the concept. If you are new to the courses, or new to the leadership of one, all you need is in the booklet. Starting with suggestions to leaders of how to run the course, followed by each of five sessions. In Glimpses of God these are ‘The God Who hears Our Cry’, 'The Shepherd Who Guides and Guards His People’, ‘The Son Who Is The Way The Truth and The Life’, ‘The God Who Shares Our Pain’, and ‘The God Who Calms Our Fears’. These are subjects that touch the lives of all people, especially Christians, and the words in the booklet with its extra pieces in boxes at the side of each page and its discussion questions at the end of each session, are enhanced by the opportunity to hear similar discussions between well known figures on the accompanying CD. As a reviewer I must read through the booklet and listen to the CD on my own. This I have done with great interest, reading the booklet through and listening to the CD following word by word through the transcript or just listening. To share the thoughts in a group would be to get even more out of this course - I hope I shall have the opportunity to do so. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (12/11/12)

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