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Road to Romania

by Ann Penrose


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Support for Romania
Ann Penrose describes how she and her husband Alan were drawn into creating this charity by following clear directions from their Lord. For everything that has been achieved they give praise and thanks to the Lord. Reading this story brings tears to your eyes. Tears of wonder and joy that despite the appalling difficulties that the Romanian people have to contend with if they are Christians, the strength of their faith and commitment to the teaching of Jesus is so strong; it puts the faith of many in this country to shame. Here are clear answers to prayer; for money, for goods needed for specific reasons and sometimes the goods or money is given when only the Lord knows where the need is, and the Charity is guided to the right place. Faith filled and inspiring.
Only available by email from Support for Romania,

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (10/01/08)


Reader review: - Lynne Young (16/05/14)

Read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really felt for the people of Romania. I have supported the work at a distance as I am involved with another two charities. Will definitely be buying some more books as presents.
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