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The Everyday Use of the Lordís Prayer

by Neil Jefferyes


Price: £6.00
Publisher:Highview Books
First edition 2005
Now with a very attractive cover, this book dedicated to The Everyday Use of the Lordís Prayer is for all Christians and is ideal for those just coming to the Christian faith particularly when used with the Lordís Prayer beads now available. I have come across the use of beads (other than the better known rosary) before and can vouch for their help as an aid to concentration.
The book opens with passages from the prayer explained very fully, Chapter 5 looks at how we can use the prayer by saying a phrase and developing that thought more fully.
There follows thirty-one days of ĎPraiseí prayers based on Bible passages and the words of a Praise hymn for each day. I confess to Ďsingingí the hymns to myself as I read, they were nearly all familiar to me, but the point is that their words are especially prayerful and thought provoking in this context.
Then using the final phrases of the Lordís Prayer, seven days of Prayer, penitence and Final praise with blank pages for your own words.
This is a book to be used, and used daily. An excellent resource I can highly recommend. Purchases can be made from the link below

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (20/02/12)

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Reader review: - TGBS reviewer. 2005

Helen Hancox the reviewer of the 2005 edition wrote - I found it a very useful and helpful little handbook. It focuses on the Lord's Prayer, discussing the different parts of the Prayer and how we can use them to shape our prayer life. I found it easy to read and it gave me some things to think about. The book also contains a set of readings and prayers and hymns to use for times of prayer and reflection and these were well-chosen and helpful. Overall this was a much better book than I had expected and would be very useful for quiet prayer times for new Christians or for those who wish to inject a little more life into their prayers.

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