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Beyond This Wilderness

by John Thomas


Price: £10.55
Publisher:Twin Books
Published:January 2011
A weird and wonderful tale of evil happenings back in the eighteenth century, still having repercussions in the late twentieth century. Beyond This Wilderness is set in the context of an exchange of letters between a parish Priest and his Archdeacon. The Vicar is from a parish on the welsh border in Shropshire, an outlying part of the Lichfield Diocese and following unexplained and odd strangers in the parish, and with the remembering of old scary tales in his mind, the Vicar feels it necessary to report what has happened to his Archdeacon, without seriously considering that anything is amiss.
With the finding of the ‘Testament’ of the Vicar of those past times, everything changes. This testament is included in full and is scary reading, yet contains some contrasting and beautiful, memorable passages. This Vicar had recorded his life in many journals, and years later he feels the need to write of what he has seen and experienced, then has the papers hidden in a way that will only be exposed if the evil re-appears.
It has!
A challenging and compelling read.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (12/02/11)
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