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A Piece of Blue Sky

Conversations With a Loving Father

by Virginia Duhanes


Price: £5.00
Publisher:TLM Trading for The Leprosy Mission
How best would I describe this book, probably a series of short memoirs and remembrances from one womans life, in which there are interspersed moments of her prayer life and the active voice of God she heard when listening in her quiet times with him. These moments include some times of real pain and growth, times at which understanding and hearing the voice of God in our lives can be the hardest, and through these recollections she helps to show that God is always there and perhaps offers comfort to others going through these times, raises awareness of the fact that we are all called to be in conversation wth our Lord and that he yearns to speak to us.
I think this is very much a book that would help some going through hardships and would certainly appeal to those who like The Friendship Book or of course the writings of Eddie Askew.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (08/10/11)
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