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Bringing the World to Your Church

The Mission Promoter’s ‘How To’ Guide

by Joy Piper


Price: £5.00
Publisher:WEC Publications (World Wide Evangelism for Christ)
When George Verwer gives a strong endorsement to a book, you know it has to be taken seriously. This book on world mission from Joy Piper deserves to be read for it is full of inspiration and practical nuggets that can help every church put mission on the agenda. Her premise is that to ‘be a Christian is to be a missionary’ – one we might all accept but find hard to implement. However, there is something for everyone in this book: how to run inspiring prayer meetings, understand where your own church is on mission, encourage missionaries, reinvigorate funding, put on displays and catch the imagination of young people. With a logical progression and amusing cartoons, this is well researched and has a very useful directory of further resources and agencies. Joy encourages us that we can all bear a harvest as we ‘dream dreams and attempt great things for God right here at home’.
Review by Olaf Fogwill, Ministry Director of Connect4Life See also 'Guest Reviews'

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Reviewer: Guest reviewer   (28/06/11)

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