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Risk-Shaped Discipleship

On Going Deeper into the Life of God

by Terry Biddington


Price: £18.50
Publisher:Resource Publications from Columba
Published:August 2010
Biddington offers us a chronological and theme based exploration of our faith that seeks to engage with the diversity, depth and dance of God. This book takes as its starting point the reality of change, and it seeks to explore how the church may see change positively. It also seeks to help reinvigorate its teaching and ministry and the way in which Christians understand their spiritual journey. Change is seen not only as a welcome dynamic of the life of faith, but also as the very source of unexpected and transformative encounters with God and the transcendent.
Through a strong scriptural base, Terry Biddington challenges Christians to redirect their faith in a proactive and risky manner, akin to the way in which Jesus lived out his life on earth. Complacency and a lackadaisical cloud have overtaken the modern day church, leaving little room for active discipleship or pre-emptive religious ministry. Biddington utilizes biblical examples to weave together an attainable and encouraging image of what discipleship within the modern church looks like and it is a risky business. A flourishing world is the scale of what we are invited to engage with. It is a rigorous, risky, exploratory, hope-filled discipleship for a discerning readership! A gem of a resource for individual use or study groups, this book holds pearls of wisdom that offer revitalization and change to those willing to receive it!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (21/02/11)
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