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Praying Through

Finding Wholeness and Healing in the Prayers of David

by John Kitchen


Price: £8.50
Publisher:CLC Wholesale
Published:June 2007
This book held my attention right from the prologue which explained the philosophy of the book, to the very moving epilogue. The author takes some of the psalms written by David and shows us how to pray through them. Each chapter begins with an imaginative re-telling of the circumstances David was in when he wrote a particular psalm. John Kitchen then deals with emotions or situations that most of us will encounter at some time in our lives. So, for example, we are shown how to 'pray through' in times of betrayal, personal disaster, loneliness, humiliation, spiritual drought. I found the suggestions for prayer and meditation at the end of each chapter extremely helpful. I read the book during a period when some friends of mine had lost their lives in a traumatic incident overseas, so the chapter on praying through atrocity was especially relevant. John really does what it says on the cover. He 'leads us on a healing journey through the prayers of King David into a more intimate fellowship with our Father'.

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Reviewer: Jackie Rowe   (30/06/09)

Reader review: - Diane Morison TGBS reviewer 30/8/11

John Kitchen uses the psalms that are connected with specific incidents in the life of David to teach us how to pray through traumatic events rather than merely praying about them. Themes covered include betrayal, vulnerability, humiliation, loneliness, atrocity, treachery, vengeance, guilt, disaster, slander and Spiritual drought. Each chapter utilises a different psalm and begins by explaining it in the context in which it was written, then goes on to link it to the New Testament teachings of Christ and provides practical advice on how to apply its healing lessons to a damaged life. It is emphasised throughout that there is no ‘quick fix’: ‘Praying through is a process... the means of seeing my heart conformed to God’s heart... I am the one being changed, not God’s mind or will.’ Similarly the book is not a light read to be skimmed through, but a work of depth to be read with due consideration. At the same time it is well-written, eminently readable and in no way dry or discouraging. Recommended both as a reference work in times of trouble and a guide to a strong and close relationship with God that cannot be derailed by the worst that life can throw at us.
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