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Celebrating Life in Death

Resources for funerals, thanksgiving and remembering with CD-ROM

by Lezley J. Stewart


Price: £19.99
Publisher:Saint Andrew Press
Published:26 February 2016

This is a very helpful resource for anyone involved with conducting funerals, or doing memorial/remembrance services. It has simple short insights into planning the funeral, meeting with the family, the funeral directors, and all other sensitive area's involved in the arranging a funeral.

It then has a selection of suggestions for different types of services and 'order' suggestions for them.
Finally it has a good selection of resources ...with space for names to be inserted... that covers prayers, readings, commital words etc. with a good range suitable for covering most circumstances and situations of death too.

It coems with a cd-rom so that all material within can be altered and printed as needed. A very handy resource.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (16/04/16)
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