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The Other Island

by Kenneth Steven


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Saint Andrew Press
Published:25 April 2014


I've never actually been to Iona, but I think even many of those people that have been to Iona won't have experienced most of what this beautifully appointed and richly saturated book speaks of and shows us. This is because Kenneth Stevens words and Iain Sarjeant's photographs reveal the 'other island' of Iona, the places the pilgrims don't go to, the rest of the island ... and even though I've never been to Iona at all I now long to go to experience these other places. Places that are as rich and beautiful as the known places if the words and pictures are anything to go by.

This really is a beautiful book and it's one that though not fixing itself on the spiritual side of Iona nevertheless fills my soul with a sublime prayer like joy—the photography is entrancing and filled with awe inspiring detailed majesty of sea, water reflections, sand, scenery, and rain wet stones and iron machinery left alone in splendour.  Mix this in with the descriptive travel journal type narrative and graceful poems then there is in this book still a worthy prayer like reverence. If I sound like I'm extolling with too much inflated hyperbole here all I can say is I'm not and this beautiful book just demands such words and will likely make you feel much the same way too, it's just such a simple but lush book.

Perfect for those that love Iona, or even just those that love beautiful photographs and hidden places travel type books.


Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (07/06/14)
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