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Reflections On Eldership

Insights From Practicing Elders

by Comp. Laurence Wareing


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Saint Andrew Press
Published:May 2014

In this book 30 ruling elders of the Church of Scotland give their answers to a questionnaire complied by the author. The subjects covered include: becoming an elder, the eldership promise, their spiritual life, hopes and dreams, the pastoral role and making decisions.

As I read the open and honest answers I was overwelmed with a sense of sadness. Most seemed completely unprepared for the task. None mentioned the scriptural qualities for an elder that we find in Titus 1. Many spoke about the problem of an ageing leadership and dwindling congregations but few had any ideas what to do about it. There is no doubt that all the contributors are sincerely trying to serve God, but the overall impression is that most are struggling along with the church they love.

The Church of Scotland was founded on the supreme authority of God's word in all matters of faith and practice. Could it be that part of the reason for the church's decline is that there are elders do not meet the scriptural requirements? All those who care for the Church of Scotland would do well to read this book and answer this question for themselves.

Editors Note: This book is aimed specifically at the Church of Scotland. The reviewer has indicated that they are not a member of the Church of Scotland, and therefore found it difficult to engage with. We would appreciate any if members of the Church of Scotland would be willing to provide a "User Review" for this title.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (29/08/14)
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