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Revealing Love

Pray Now Daily Devotions And Monthly Prayers


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Saint Andrew Press
Published:October 2013

We are gathered into the heart of Pauls' lyrical prayers of love. These engaging daily offers have capacity for use by individuals, groups and worship leaders. Despite being gathered from the inevitable 1 Corinthians 13 passage, there is inspiration, depth and substance of some magnitude, more than the first impressions of this title might suggest.

Each of the thirty-one meditations has a lyrical form. A deeper more natural faith is invited through the use of this helpful little volume.   

My deepest appreciation of this was the scale and themes it courageously invited. They range from envy, irritability, greed, timeliness and endings. The reader will gain much from each of these.

Additionally there is a closing prayers to end each meditation. This will prompt action and movement when the words seem incomplete. This is an engaging Church of Scotland produced resource produced offering a prayer pattern, that is worthy of widespread useage. 

Accessible and engaging content here. 

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (06/12/13)
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