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Building Up The Body

Encouraging, Equipping and Enabling Volunteers In The Church

by Richard Steel


Price: £7.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:July 2013

Volunteerism is vital to our communities and their flourishing. This is never clearer than in the wellbeing of our local church. Richard Steel speaks from, and to, this lifeblood value set in church life.

There is much value in the prose, scripture, and enduring logic woven into this writing, though I'd have preferred more content and structure as to how the guest and newcomer could be woven into the life and structure of gathered communities. How the stranger becomes a participant in the mission of God, with direction, options and models of how this has been worked out locally, would have further enhanced this read.

Collaboration is a somewhat hackneyed concept, yet developing the skills and experiences that make us better people for building God's Kingdom in the world is scoped out well. The Body of Christ needs to be fully functioning in order to reach out in Jesus name to a lost and fragmented world, and anything that can add to this experience is a valuable asset. Steel offers us much here that is worthy of thanks and deep application in each parish.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (10/07/15)
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