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Messy Church Theology

Exploring The Wider Significance Of Messy Church For The Wider Church

by Ed. George Lings


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Messy Church imprint of BRF
Published:October 2013

Messy Church Theology is set out in a series of chapters from a range of contributors involved and active within the thriving Messy Church community.

As such it sets out ideas of what Messy Church is, and isn't, in relatively clear language—though to be fair there are times when as you might expect it becomes a little tautologous as the same idea is expressed by multiple contributors.

It also attempts to show models of how Messy Church works, and can work in parishes, communities and churches up and down the country by using case studies that ground the idea of what Messy Church is and the idea or 'theology' behind it. It then attempts to broaden this out a little to demonstrate how this can, would, and should look in a wider sphere of 'Church'. 

It is largely anecdotal in feeling and format, though there are in here real figures, representations, graphs, and studies too, but much like the feeling of Messy Church the book retains a much more anecdotal or personal feel to each chapter. The same can be said of the 'theology' in it. There is not here an overarching highbrow academic view but instead it is again the personal insights, the day to day realities, the man on the ground, and those being outreached style at work here that aims to make 'theology' something we all can do and understan.

And herein that lies the reason why this book would be an interesting book for those outside looking in at what Messy Church is and can be and how perhaps they might want to consider it more in context for their own settings.

A book I think would be recommended for any outside the Messy Church arena to read to see a deeper picture of Messy Church.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (06/01/14)
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