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The Word's Out

Speaking the gospel today

by David Male, Paul Weston


Price: £8.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:March 2013
Evangelism is something that most Christians are good at talking about but, when actually confronted with or challenged about doing it, feel apprehensive and anxious. Male and Weston suggest that, at a time when most people do not attend church and have little idea of what the Christian faith is about, evangelism is more important than ever. However, what they propose in their book is that traditional views and methods of evangelism need to be reassessed in the light of what is actually found in the New Testament. Their book sets out to show that evangelism is a team game for the whole church, not just those supposedly "gifted" that way. The authors suggest that evangelism needs to be re-imagined in terms of living the Gospel in everyday life in order to reconnect with those on the church fringe as well as those who are well outside. In two main parts the book reflects on some central issues from a biblical and cultural perspective, and then how the principles of biblical evangelism can be earthed in practical ways in the ongoing life of churches and Christian communities. Very readable, this book will set you thinking, whether you are a church leader or someone who sits in the pew.

Reviewer: Graham Wise   (04/09/13)
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