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Would Like to Meet...

by HopefulGirl


Price: £6.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:January 2013
An extremely enjoyable read in which "HopefulGirl" (pseudonym of the 30-something or other author) goes about various ways of trying to find "Mr Right" chronicling her encounters in diary format.

She cleverly names the possible suitors with their attributes. Hence Mr Shy, Mr Haughty, Mr Executive etc., which makes them memorable and easy to recall when mentioned in later scenarios. The dates she goes on are through friends' contacts, through church singles groups and through Christian dating agencies.

This book would be particularly helpful to the many "singles" who now use internet dating sites. The author does not denigrate these, but through her personal experiences gives tips and helpful advice on how to go about it, and how to get out of fraught situations.

Written with great gusto, humour and honesty this book is a delight to read - and no - I won't spoil the end! Anyone out there hoping to end their single status by meeting "Mr Right" could not do better than to read this book, and thus armed and inspired, enter the fray with hope and prayer.

Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (03/07/13)
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