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Creative Ways to tell a Bible Story

Techniques and tools for exploring the Bible with children and families

by Martyn Payne


Price: £8.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:March 2013
Definitely read the introduction: well worth it, so don't skip it.

Section 1: The Way In. Of the ideas presented, I found 'Getting into Character' the most helpful as this is possible to achieve in assemblies, which is where I tell the stories.

The Bible Box is a variant on the treasure box I used to use, which is very effective. Most people should be able to find at least one method which works for them.

Section 2: The Way through. Know the story: "only when it has come alive again for me can I hope to bring it to life for those who are listening" [p.44]. Again, there should be a method in the suggested ones which resonates; responses based on sounds or actions, walking the story, bringing a picture to life or acting the story out together, are some of the helpful suggestions.

Section 3: The Way Out. Good selection of ideas to use together to "explore and reflect" on the story, rather than the storyteller saying "...and this is what it means". Over time, eacch person may develop different techniques, combining ideas to help to explore the story's relevance / resonance to those who have heard it.

Worth adding to the library.

Reviewer: Pam Sanders   (31/10/13)
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