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When You Pray

Daily Bible reflections for Lent and Easter on the Lord's Prayer

by Joanna Collicutt


Price: £7.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:23 November 2012
This year's BRF Lent book by Joanna Collicutt is a daily Bible reflection based on the Lord's Prayer. Using the Lord's Prayer as the frame of reflection for each day's Bible reading certainly rounds out and deepens the Lord's Prayer, and our understanding of how we can see so much of the Bible reflected back in that one prayer. For each of the five weeks and Holy Week, Collicutt focuses on one line or refrain from the Lord's Prayer for her daily reflections, these break down as: Father, May Your Name be Holy; Your Kingdom Come; Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread; And Forgive Us Our Sins For We Ourselves Forgive Each One Who Is In Debt to Us; and Do Not Put Us to the Test. At the end of these on Easter Day she then reflects us back to a previous reading from earlier that reflected on 'Your Kingdom Has Come' - an interesting move, and one I personally like because it reflects the nature of Easter and Lent, dying and restoring to new life, a return to things past but made new by where we are in the cycle. With each day's reading being no more than three pages in total - including the full Bible reading for that day's reflection and a one line prayer this is not an onerous task to undertake daily for your Lenten journey, and the meditative and reflective style of writing adds no burden to the experience.
At the very end of the book there is also a series of questions so that you could if wanted use this book as the basis for a weekly Lent course too. Of course though this book is aimed at the Lenten journey, with its emphasis on the Lord's Prayer it could be used at any time of the year and would make for quite a good group study on the Lord's Prayer itself.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (28/01/13)
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