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Servant Ministry

A portrait of Christ and a pattern for his followers

by Tony Horsfall


Price: £7.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:22 March 2013
I believe the unhappiest people on the planet are Christians who don't serve. For in our regeneration, we are wired to serve. For Jesus is the one who said, "I am among you as one who serves". Intimacy with Jesus and activity for him make for the best combination of Christian usefulness.

Statistics would tell us that 'servant' is mention in scripture over 600 times, whilst 'leader' is only mentioned 3 times. This desperate imbalance is at the heart of our ability to make a prevailing Christian impact in our nation and beyond. Tony Horsfall's newest book speaks powerfully to this. He offers warm, faithful and close work in Isaiah 42, at the heart of this useful title. The pithy reflections following each chapter add significant value.

This new BRF offering is steadfast, engaging and challenging. The section on motivations is particularly helpful. When speaking of the servant's attentiveness, in the last chapter, around "listening and responding" I would have loved more here, as this was especially strong. The phrase from 1 Peter 2 will live on long, through Horsfall's faithful efforts here: "live as servants of God!"

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (13/04/13)

Reader review: - Jackie Rowe (14/05/13)

Servant Ministry is a practical exposition of the first Servant Song in Isaiah (42: 1- 9). Tony's introduction begins with a definition of the word 'servanthood': a word which is not recognised by his computer's spellchecker! He goes on to say that although servanthood is for all believers - and therefore his book is for everyone - his particular focus is those who are in Christian leadership and cross-cultural ministry.

What follows is a beautiful devotional book which informs our minds, challenges our wills and touches our hearts - the three aims of the book which Tony articulates in the first chapter. I found I was gently drawn onwards through the book, pausing at the end of each chpater to consdider the very pertinent statements and questions for reflection. A wide range of topics is considered including: the difference between 'toxic' leadership and gentle, servant leadership; faithfulness to the task, even in painful seasons; God's pretection in temptation and the development of the servant's character. I was challenged and touched by this book and can thoroughly recommend it.

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