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Companions on the Bethlehem Road

Daily readings and reflections for the Advent journey

by Rachel Boulding


Price: £7.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:21 September 2012
You may think, as I did "what not another Advent reading book!" Yes it is but with a different slant. Based on the lectionary readings for Advent and sub-divided into weekly themes and daily portions, this book is a gem. The author brings her literary expertise to enlighten the passages by using short quotes from a variety of poets, ranging from Tennyson, to Herbert and W H Auden.

The Advent readings themselves are like precious gemstones. So often we try to attack them head on. As a diamond throws out different lights and sparkles when lit up from oblique angles, so this book sheds new light through its oblique approach.
Non-poetry readers do not be put off. The poetry is well chosen and does not dominate each day's reading. Indeed it may well encourage you to go to the poem's source and so gain further insight.

Finally there is the added bonus of a reflection at the end of the reading, as a spur to think afresh and maybe to act.
Highly recommended.

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Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (15/12/12)
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