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Paul as Pastor

Biblical insights for pastoral ministry

by Patrick Whitworth


Price: £7.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:19 October 2012
Patrick is the Rector of All Saints Weston in Bath, and an established and thoughtful writer on topics to do with the life of the church today. In this, his seventh book, Patrick takes an unusual look at Paul, not as an evangelist and church planter, but as a pastor - suggesting that it was Paulís ministry as an evangelist which in fact shaped him as the pastor he undoubtedly became. It's full of insight on the task and the tools of a pastor, illustrated from Patrick's own long experience of leading a living community of faith. Particularly refreshing is Patrick's conviction that pastoral care of a Christian community is not an end in itself but simply the consequence of the imperative we are under to share our faith with those who are not yet part of that community.

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Reviewer: Alison Morgan   (22/12/12)

Reader review: - Johnny Douglas (24/12/12)

In the spirit of C S Lewis's pursuit of deep church, Patrick Whitworth explores the Apostle Paul's legacy with sensitivity and strength. Paul's life is rarely characterised as pastoral in emphasis. A life-long Anglican pastor unpacks how Paul as pastor brought people to spiritual maturity within loving, worshipping communities, rather than simply focusing on individuals.

Whitworth in his exploration of right attitudes, right lifestyle, right relationships and right leadership was a particular highlight from this writing. The book offers a very practical study guide, exploring the diversity of the fivefold ministry of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher appears to be essential for the health of the local church. Whitworth explores the shape, task and tools of a pastor in a robust eleven-chapter work. The privilege and responsibilities are well explored here, with this being an insightful and reflective book for those involved in any form of community or church influence.

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