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Immeasurably More

To A Dehydrated Church, Jesus Has Immeasurably More To Offer

by Cris Rogers


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:20 March 2015

This book really is 'Immeasurably More'—it's a spiritual journey, a guide book, an activity book, a prayer book, a challenge and a companion, and above all it is lush and beautiful and pulls you into it with it's coffee table style of pictures and words that make you want to dip in and out of it and yet also grabs you and keeps your attention.

This book is the perfect companion for anyone looking to journey deeper into their spiritual growth, wanting to find out more about how they can be revived and go deeper still into the waters of faith. It looks at new ways of doing old things, alongside the old ways we do new things. With it's blend of real stories that highlight realities, and it's blending of bible study, theology and modern day life reflections and thoughts, it cause you to ask questions and helps give insight to the journey that can be faith. It's a joy to read and share.

This book is brilliant for using with small groups as it has at the end of each chapter a small group study and the activities are something worth doing—however don't limit the book to small group settings as this book really would be perfect to give as a confirmation present, or to anyone starting their journey of discipleship or spiritual engagement, or indeed to anyone just on the fringes and wanting to know more, because there is a delight in the style and yet a depth in the words that allows one to sink deep but surface with ease.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (27/04/15)
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