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Filthy Rich

The property Tycoon Who Struck Real Gold

by Manoj Raithatha


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:April 2015

At just Half-a-dozen or so pages per chapter, this book makes for a very easy read. This is an examined life: from a caring Hindu upbringing to the early stirrings of Christian faith and the passionate opposite attraction of being a self-made man, leaving teaching for a career in the media, a BAFTA award and an Emmy nomination. 

The lure of the Rich List took him into the venture property market, riding high, buying on promise, hope and spin-doctoring, until the 2008 financial crash and the deadly illness of his son with the most negative prognosis. 

The interplay of his family's Hindu faith and the Christian faith of his friends and of others who hardly knew him is sensitively recorded with love shown on both sides. This is a book that both Christians and non-Christians, and indeed those of no faith will find valuable.

Editors Note: The writer of this review has informed us that he knows the Author of the book personally. We have independently read this book, and feel that, nonetheless, this review represents a fair and balanced presentation of the book, and that his personal relartionship to the author in no way affects the integrity of the review.

Reviewer: Tony Shepherd   (16/05/15)
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