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The Church Jesus Prayed For

A personal journey into John 17

by Michael Cassidy


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:November 2012
This is a substantive and powerful exploration into the multi-faceted aspects of unity in Christ, as seen in the detail of John 17. The mystery and complexity of this prayer is unpacked in this weighty scholarship by Michael Cassidy.

John 17 is arguably the most complete and demanding prayer for the church. Human condition and scriptural faithfulness co-exist powerfully here in a resource book, that reflects a life of faithful ministry. The Church Jesus Prayed For is the fruit of Cassidy's "love affair with this poignant prayer".

In Jesus' prayer, Cassidy sees everything to do with the church's life in the world - "its authority, its characteristics, its lifestyle, its mission, its inner dynamics, plus both its heavenly and its earthly purposes". The heart of this book - what Cassidy labels the "Ten Marks" of the church Jesus prayed for, are identified as Truth, Holiness, Joy, Protection from Evil, Mission, Prayer, Unity, Love, Power and Glory. He writes substantively and in-depth on each of these topics, elaborating Biblically and experientially on them.

The chapters on joy, mission and unity are particularly brilliant. Not an easy canter but a masterful deep book worthy of your time. You'll be fuelled deeply and energised through Cassidy's outstanding effort.

The Church Jesus Prayed For reveals the heart and mind of Jesus for all kinds of readers. Gracious, generous and full of generosity.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (25/04/13)
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