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Journey of Hope

Stories of Courage and Faith from Africa

by Jean Gibson


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:July 2012
I really loved this book. Eleven very personal stories from Malawi and Kenya are told to Jean Gibson, who must be a good listener. They describe Christian courage and determination, often in the face of great opposition. These are not pretty stories. Expect to be disturbed! Hear repeatedly about poverty, HIV, child abuse and the longing for education. Read about Tandu, counselling victims of abuse; about Sarah, setting up Joy Children’s Home; about Nabiki, fleeing from home at 12, rather than marrying a man of 60; about Kasoni, standing firm against forcible female circumcision; and others, including Irish Christian missionaries who offer love and protection. But this is not a gloomy book. Christ is present in these young followers of his, and I found it uplifting to read their stories.

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Reviewer: Barry Vendy   (28/08/12)
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