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The Weight Of Mercy

A Novice Pastor On The City Streets

by Deb Richardson-Moore


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:August 2012
Deb Richardson-Moore was a journalist for 27 years before she retrained as a Baptist Pastor. Her book, written in honest, down to earth, easy to read style, describes how she took on the pastorate of a Methodist church, Triune Mercy Centre, in a rundown area of Greenville, South Carolina. The church ministered to the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes and no-hopers as well as a handful of older worshippers who were the remnants of its former middle-class congregation. Her first months in the job were so tough that Deb didn't think she would make it through a year. Seven years later she is still there.
I found I was gradually drawn into the story. By half way through I could not put the book down. She creates word pictures of the people she encounters - and learns to love - which are so vivid that I felt I had personally met them all. As Deb works to bring transformation to the battered buildings as well as to the people, she often uses the phrase 'one step forward and two steps backward'. Some of her most promising people regressed into drugs and crime. But God was, and still is, at work in Triune.

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Reviewer: Jackie Rowe   (29/10/12)

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