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Stumbling Blocks

Conquering the stuff that holds you back

by Gavin and Anne Calver


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:July 2012
While the church has been effective over the years at evangelism, getting people in through the front door via projects like Alpha and Christianity Explored, it has been a lot less effective at ministering to those who drift out through the backdoor due to hurts and confusions. Others remain in the church but only go out of habit due to the hurts and questions crowding out the faith they once had. In Stumbling Blocks, Gavin and Anne Calver attempt to deal with these issues in an honest and open way, talking about their own problems and times when they have stumbled and almost walked away. While no book that tackles this issue can be totally comprehensive this is a useful starting point not only for those who are struggling but also for church leaders who want to help them.

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Reviewer: Phelim McIntyre   (11/02/13)
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