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Unhallowed Ground

The Fourth Chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon

by Mel Starr


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:September 2011
Mel Starr sets his tales about Hugh de Singleton in the English countryside of the 14th century.
In Unhallowed Ground the Bailiff of Lord Gilbert Talbot tries to discover who murdered Thomas, the most disliked man in the village, and who tried to make his death look like suicide. This is no easy task as Thomas had so many enemies. In the process Hugh is attacked and has his arm nearly cut off with a knife, his pregnant wife is in fear of her life and their home is set on fire and burnt to the ground.
This gripping thriller has much to commend it as it recounts the life of the peasant people in the middle ages where they had to contend with bondage, rules, regulations, myth and superstition.

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Reviewer: Guy Marshall   (19/11/11)

Reader review: - Mary Bartholomew - Editor. 19.11.11

Guy got his copy before me, but I was not going to be done out of reading this fourth story in the series. When I got my copy I read it in one (long!) evening. Very enjoyable. As usual it ends with a 'tempter' leaving us wanting to get our hands on the next in the series.
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