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'Tell Me About the Holy Spirit'

by Gerald O'Mahony


Price: £7.99
This book treats of the Holy Trinity and in particular of the Third Person. It is directed to Christians who may find some difficulty in contemplating the meaning of the Holy Spirit. The writer, a Jesuit priest, thinks that this is possibly because people cannot easily consider the Spirit in the same personal terms as they do the Father and the Son. He then generously shares with us many of the positive ways he has found of achieving this. One of the interesting ways is to think in terms of the traditional title of Paraclete with its comforting meaning of advocate or intercessor. Though deeply, almost densely, spiritual in its subject-matter, the text is very accessible and for such a small book there is a remarkable breadth of material. Many aspects of theology and liturgy are touched upon, including the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and their resulting 'fruits'. The main theme, however, is the Holy Spirit's rôle in conveying God's unconditional love for us and for us returning our love to Him.

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Reviewer: Alexandra Irvine   (28/01/13)

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