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Zachary Macaulay

Bitesize Biographies

by Faith Cook


Price: £6.99
Publisher:EP (Evangelical Press)
Published:December 2012
What a story! What a life! Zachary Macaulay is a largely unknown and forgotten character but, perhaps, the key figure in the abolition of the slave trade. Faith Cook brings us the exciting and inspirational story of this man who was born in the Manse at Inverary, one of John and Margaret Macaulay's twelve children. He led a rebelliously youthful life but went to Jamaica as a bookkeeper at the age of sixteen and rapidly rose to become an estate manager. There, confronted with the cruelty, indignity and horrors of slavery he became one of the leading protagonists, together with the Clapham Sect (in particular William Wilberforce and Henry Thornton) for its abolition. He became Governor of Sierra Leone and, for fourteen years, editor of the Christian Observer. On his death in 1838 he was honoured with a bust in Westminster Abbey. He was a great Christian philanthropist, a man of quiet, dignified determination, and a devoted husband and father. His son became a member of Parliament and his grandson, Lord Macaulay, is remembered as a famous British historian. Faith Cook has elevated Zachary Macaulay from relative obscurity and provided a well-written account of a truly inspirational life.

Reviewer: Graham Wise   (17/06/13)
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