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Christ And The Desert Tabernacle

by J.V Fesko


Price: £7.99
Publisher:EP (Evangelical Press)
Published:August 2012
Fesko has done the wider church body a great service in writing this short, very readable account of the tabernacle as God relayed to Moses in the book of Exodus. Taking up the challenge that many Christians skip too quickly over the description of the way in which the Israelites were to build the tabernacle and attempts to make the connections clear to the New Testament and to the church today. Fesko largely succeeds in his attempt. Each chapter takes a specific aspect of the building of the tabernacle and tackles it through the original context, through the links and illuminations in the New Testament, to the usefulness and relevant challenges the tabernacle holds for the church today. This is not a book for those looking to really dig deeply into the accounts of the tabernacle building, but it provides a valuable resource for all Christians who want to understand the relevance of the tabernacle today. Fesko impresses with his simplicity and does not hold back from challenging the church at appropriate moments.

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Reviewer: Tim Goodall   (27/10/12)
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