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Exploring the Fascinating Life of Jesus

From Matthew to John in Ten Minutes a Day

by Roger Ellsworth


Price: £10.99
Publisher:EP (Evangelical Press)
Evangelical Press offers us a bite size guide to growing through the gospels and engaging it with our faith, doubts and living. Authored out of the context of a loss of faith, these forty-six five-page chapters surround the Kingship of Jesus and offer something of real weight, originality and was of personal impact for me. The time out and pause to reflect stations in each reading are effective and though biblically rooted, warmly compassionate in their composition. Roger Ellsworth has offered us a title that gives concrete yet compelling companionship to our risen and realistic Saviour. Truly a compelling exploration of the entirety of Jesus life and vital feeding for a healthy life in Jesus! Sadly truth and warmth don't often make it to print so this title has my wholehearted commendation. This gospel-centric book packs it's punch and deserves a wide and appreciative readership!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (19/04/11)
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