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Journeying With Jonah

The Struggle To Find Yourself

by Denis McBride


Price: £9.95
Publisher:Redemptorist Publications
Published:October 2015

I dont know whether to class this book as a commentary on Jonah or a brilliant Vocations/Life path discernment study... because it works brilliantly as either, and then add in its high design values and the intriguing artwork in it and you have a brilliant gift book suitable for any number of situations and people.

I have been sharing snippets of this book on my social media because it is just so relevant to so many different situations, but in my case it was initially a section in regards to the struggle with the path of our individual vocation or calling which may run counter to our own wants that quickened my attention. McBride just uses the book of Jonah so well to highlight this common problem... and it has certainly also been well recieved by a lot of other people too judging from the likes that and other snippets had.

I really would recommend this as a book to those exploring the path of vocation discernment... but I'd be equally as happy to recommend it as a good, easy to read contextual commentary on the book of Jonah too.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/01/16)
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