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A Birdís-Eye View of the Bible

by Mary Williams


A4 Paperback
Price: £17.95
Publisher:Redemptorist Publications
Published:January 2011
The late Mary Williams developed and piloted this course in Anglican Parishes in the Diocese of St Albans. While intended for groups (an Appendix contains very useful 'Leader's Notes'), it could be used by an individual. Also, it is suitable for people of varying faith knowledge and commitment and for all Churches - ecumenical groups could easily adapt the material for the traditional Lent, Advent or other seasonal meetings. Teachers - at all levels - will welcome it.
There are five parts: an 'Introduction to the Book', two on 'History Embedded in Literature' in the Old and New Testaments, and two on 'Literature Spun from History' in the Old and New Testaments. Each study section has 'Suggested readings and points to consider as you read', and 'Possible issues for discussion'. There are many excellent maps and time charts - some of the best this reviewer has seen.
Gems in this book include a BBC talk by the late Bishop Leonard Wilson reflecting on his experiences as a prisoner of the Japanese, 'Sustained by glory glimpsed' (pp. 75 - 76), 'A note on the gender of God' (p. 13) and 'Review. Attitudes to the Bible reconsidered' (p. 81).
As one would expect, one is not overwhelmed with detail; neither is this a superficial introduction. It would also become a very useful reference book once one has mastered the contents. Altogether, a jewel in the crown of reflection and study resources.

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Reviewer: J.Nicholas Latham   (07/07/11)
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