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Journeying Towards Jesus in Advent

by Denis McBride


Price: £10.95
Publisher:Redemptorist Publications
Published:Autumn 2010
This timely book honours and celebrates the coming of God to us at Christmas in the person of Jesus. It is an antidote to the garish and clamorous commercial world with its pagan overtones of trees and mistletoe and fairy lights. The book is divided into five parts, beginning with the preparations for the end of the world when Christ will come again. It then moves on to more familiar territory - John the Baptist, the wild one, the forerunner who will prepare the way. Then we come close to Joseph, the quiet man who accepts without question what God asks of him, who will do everything necessary to protect Mary and the child. Then the story of Mary herself, the mother of the word incarnate, young and innocent but quietly accepting the astonishing news from the angel Gabriel. Finally Christmas, poor shepherds and the wise men and the Christ child. A new beginning. The relevant Gospel texts are brightened with lovely coloured illustrations which make the book a delight to read and look at.

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Reviewer: John Irvine   (01/11/10)
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