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A Place Called Blessing

Where Hurting Ends and Love Begins

by John Trent with Annette Smith


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Published:03 May 2011
An orphaned boy’s story of loss, love, and eventual acceptance by the most unlikely people, is the core of a piece of fiction. The story chronicles the life of Josh, an emotionally abandoned little boy who loses his mother and father and is separated from two brothers. He is shuffled through the foster care system, unpacking his scant belongings at many houses, but never staying long due to his deep-seated fears and issues. At six years old, when it finally seems as though Josh might be forever reunited with his brothers, an unfortunate accident changes the course of his life.
Through adolescence Josh often acts out in anger and trusts no one, but through the first person narrative the reader gets to see a glimpse of the broken little boy who so desperately wants to be loved. As Josh turns eighteen he rents a room from a mother and son who turn out to be the family he is so desperately searching for. The journey they take together is painful and difficult, but Josh eventually finds the peace he seeks.
I very much appreciated the message of this book, especially the inside look at orphaned children and the foster care system. There is ache and honesty in this journey of themes surrounding foster care or adoption. It gives the reader a thoughtful portrayal, from a child’s perspective.

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (16/02/12)
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