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On the Way To The Cross

40 Days With the Church Fathers

by Thomas C. Oden and Joel C. Elowsky


Price: £6.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:December 2012
This book came into my hands too late for Lent this year, but Iím happy to recommend it as a devotional Lenten companion in the future, though you may, of course, use it at some other time. For each of 40 days, you will find: an opening Bible verse, in the BCP version (the same verse does each day for one week); a prayer of confession (with one exception, always the same one, familiar from the BCP); a passage from Johnís Gospel (in the RSV); two Reflections from the Church Fathers; a closing prayer from one of the Fathers or from the Gelasian Sacramentary and a Psalm. As one of the editors puts it, ĎThis pattern for prayer will allow you to reflect on your own personal relationship with God guided by scripture and the wisdom of those who knew their scripture so well.í The wisdom of the past shines through these words, and will reward our reflection.

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Reviewer: Barry Vendy   (17/03/12)

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