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Kneeling With Giants

Learning To Pray With History's Best Teachers

by Gary Neal Hansen


Price: £9.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:June 2012
Kneeling with giants is an excellent primer on the differing modes and styles of prayer that have arisen from across Christian history and tradition. It's an excellent guide to understanding how important it is that we understand that there is not one way to pray for every person but that instead there are styles of prayer that suit each individual or time of life for each person regardless of their faith tradition and denomination. Prayer is not a dormant activity but an active one and as such prayer patterns and needs can change. This book crosses denominational and faith boundaries as it looks generously and insightfully at a mix of Catholic, Reformed Protestant, Orthodox, etc. prayer styles. Each chapter is a wonderful introduction to the practice of prayer as put forward by a leading proponent of its style and tradition, thus a small glimpse into its history but also a good look at how this style works, why it works and how it can best be used. The appendixes at the end and indeed the preface explain how this book can be used either by individuals or better still by groups. The ten sessions it would take to work through this book would be an excellent experience for any church group and well worth undertaking - particularly wonderful, I think, if it was done by a churches together / ecumenical group.

The one criticism I have though is that the ebook version, as it informs you from the beginning, has an extra 'reader' or companion volume included with it. I think it a serious injustice that you are expected to also buy the ebook version to obtain access to this. There is no reason that online access to the companion volume should not be made available to those that have purchased the book in print form.

This book on its own is an excellent read and I do not feel I have missed much by not having access to the companion volume. I will not be paying out extra money to buy the ebook just for this collection of 'reader' material, which with a little effort can largely be found for free on the internet anyway.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (29/01/13)
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