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The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare - Discover How To Recognize Spiritual Attack

Pray for Deliverence, Break Generational Curses, Protect yourself and Your Children in an Age of Growing Darkness

by Tom White


Publisher:Regal, Pub Gospel Light from Kingsway
Originally published 1990
‘Each man and woman makes a choice to seek light or to serve self. Apart from the choice of an individual to seek the grace of God, our prayers cannot and will not wrench someone free from the grip of sin and the power of Satan’ p. 170. The author has for 30 years ‘been at the forefront of teaching and ministering in spiritual warfare …’, as founder and director of Frontline Ministries and hence his book abounds with personal stories and spiritual testimonies. The book gives much information on kinds of oppression, and recognising it, and is directed at Christian believers, mainly, it seems, those who have had little experience of deliverance. This is a useful book, and includes much advice e.g. on recognising personal oppression (Ch. 7), places of spiritual refuge (Ch. 9) the importance of prayer warfare (Chs. 11, 12), and qualification for deliverance ministry (p. 144-5)., etc. My only wish is that the information was easier to locate - particularly for those newcomers to deliverance - as there is no index.

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Reviewer: John Thomas   (24/07/12)

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